Russel Terence Rebello – Crew Member Costa Concordia Sinking – January 13, 2012

Russel Terence Rebello – Missing Cruise Ship Crew Member – Costa Concordia Sinking Missing Person – January 13, 2012.

Russel Terence Rebello, 33, a cruise ship waiter from India, went missing on the Costa Concordia when the cruise ship sank on on Friday the 13th of January, 2012, off the coast of Giglio, Italy. The last time he was seen alive he was helping passengers into rescue boats, after the cruise ship captain Francesco Schettino abandoned the cruise ship.

Russel Terence Rebello was a married father-of-two children who had started working on the Costa Concordia just a few months before the cruise ship sinking.

The last time anyone saw Russel Terence Rebello alive, he was near the stern of the Costa Concordia, helping passengers into rescue boats. There were 32 people who died aboard Costa Concordia when she sank, but only Russel Rebello was never found. The list of those who died during the cruise ship sinking is on the Cruise Ship Deaths website.

The Costa Concodia sinking case is on the Cruise Ship Sinking website.