Favio Onate Ordenes – Crewmember Chef Queen Mary 2 – August 15, 2015

Favio Onate Ordenes – Missing Cruise Ship Crewmember Chef – Cunard Line Queen Mary 2 – August 15, 2015.

On Saturday, August 15, 2015, Favio Onate Ordenes, 26, from Chile, had been a chef crew member aboard Cunard Line cruise ship Queen Mary 2 when he jumped overboard while reportedly drunk. The Queen Mary 2 was off the maritime Canada coast on a Transatlantic United Kingdom to New York cruise when Ordenes went overboard from the seventh deck of Queen Mary 2.

Crew members reported Favio Onate Ordene had been drinking and had an argument on Friday night, threatening to throw himself overboard. It was reported that crew members helped him back to his crew cabin to sleep it off on Deck B, before retiring themselves.

The next morning, Favio Onate Ordenes didn’t report to work and announcements for him went unanswered. His shoes, phone and ID were found in an elevator. The CCTV footage was checked and it was discovered Favio Onate Ordenes had thrown himself overboard.

Captain Kevin Oprey turned the Queen Mary around about 10:30 in the morning and search of the sea began, with a cargo ship in the area assisting. Heavy fog and frigid temperatures hampered the search and Sunday night the search was called off. Queen Mary 2 sailed onto Halifax Nova Scotia, ultimately arriving in New York, with Favio Onate Ordene still missing.

When Captain Kevin Oprey heard from crew members about the events surrounding the incident, he placed a ban on crew alcohol consumption aboard Queen Mary 2 for a period of 24 hours and took away crew member’s deck privileges, effectively giving crew members a sober, cool down period.

Crew members met in a lounge for memorial time the next night and four crew members resigned.
If Favio Onate Ordenes remains missing for a period time and is presumed dead, beyond doubt, the case file will be moved to the Cruise Ship Deaths website.