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Amy Lynn Bradley
Missing Cruise Ship Passenger
Rhapsody of the Seas - March 24, 1998

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Amy Lynn Bradley

Missing Cruise Ship Passenger Rhapsody of the Seas - March 24, 1998

Amy Lynn Bradley

Amy Lynn Bradley, 24, from Petersburg, Virginia was on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Rhapsody Of The Seas on May 24, 1998, but was never seen disembarking. Her family has reason to believe she is still alive, because she disappeared while the ship was in port.

Amy Lynn Bradley was seen by her father at approximately 5:15-5:30 a.m. and the ship was completely docked by 6 a.m.

Amy was also seen around 5:30-5:45 a.m. by 2 girls with Alister Douglas going up the elevator to the disco.

She was also seen by another woman around 5:30-5:45 a.m. entering the disco.

Amy has been seen on land and identified herself by name to 2 individuals on separate occasions and has said she needed HELP.

It is known that the last person seen with Amy in the early hours of the morning was a cruise ship band member of a group known as 'Blue Orchid' by the name of 'Yellow'.

There were other crew members who spent time with Amy, Katalin (from Hungary), Eduardo Cabrito (a waiter), David Cato (a waiter), and, Patrick (a waiter).

One scenario suggests that Amy may have willingly met with a crew member who she had come to trust who then put her in a position of coercion, or even more probable, Amy may have observed an illegal activity and become a liability.

The ship had just docked before it was noticed she was missing, and it is thought perhaps she went ashore, unwillingly.

Amy was traveling with her mother, father, and younger brother.

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